Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Money-Saving Tricks No Bride Should Ever Resort To has an interesting slideshow with 7 Money-Saving Tricks No Bride Should Ever Resort To. Some of these are a no-brainer for most brides and grooms on a budget, but a few may have you thinking you can pull it off. Read on to find out why there are major pitfalls.

Don't skimp on the food! Try a sushi station to impress your guests!

A few of the Wedding Budget Saving No-No's are:
  1. Food Skimping 
  2. Fake flowers
  3. Asking for Cash
Being a Wedding DJ, Entertainer, and professional MC, my favorite one is the iPod DJ. The article explains the basics well enough.
"Let’s be honest: iPod playlists are for pregaming and the gym. So leave your wedding music to the professionals. First of all, there’s the setup–you need someone experienced to take care of it. (Do you really want a blown speaker during your first dance?) And even if having total control over your playlist and avoiding the DJ cost sounds attractive, give it some thought–you’ll also be giving up any sort of emcee for your reception. And what happens when the crowd isn’t feeling your mix? A DJ can adjust in real time–your playlist is pretty much set once you hit play."
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